Blackjack originally started in France centuries ago. Then, it was known as Vingt-et-Un. It became popular during World War I when soldiers made warfare strategies. 

How To Play Blackjack: The Basics

Before you make your dream trip to a Las Vegas Casino or register at 20Bet Casino, you want to ensure you learn some skills and a sense of wonder before participating in a thrilling Las Vegas show. But, of course, you don’t want to be embarrassed on the big stage, so here’s how to play blackjack. 

In Blackjack games, the goal is to score 21 points before the house, dealer, or whoever reaches 17 points. 

Of course, you can still win when you don’t burst, and your score is higher than the dealer’s. But hitting an exact 21 score makes a big win. So, remember the basics; your goal is to hit 21

To do that, you need to acquire a 10 card or a jack equivalent to 21. You must also know when to hit, split, hold or fold.

Here are some Other Blackjack tips that’ll make you look like a pro.

Should I Surrender or Not? 

Should I Surrender or Not? 

Yes, you can surrender with honor when the odds are against you.

So, you find out you can’t catch the dealer. Well, you can still save your ass to an extent. Some casinos have the “Late Surrender” option. You can fold the blackjack hands in surrender before drawing a new card. 

When you surrender, half of your bets are refunded. The surrender strategy is what you think of immediately when you start playing. You can’t yield after you’ve taken a hit card, though. 

Should I Split or not?

The second important decision you have to make is whether you should split or not. If the dealer deals you two similar cards, you have the option of splitting those cards. You will be dealt a new card on each. The advantage of splitting is that the money on the table is doubled. If you can accurately predict the weak dealer’s game, you could win twice as much if the dealer busts. 

Should I Double or Not?


While not all casinos have allowed doubling on all hands, you can double if it will give you an upper hand against the dealer if your casino permits. Doubling on your hand during a bet is risky but can increase your payout.

Should I hit, or should I stand?

The last basic strategy you want to consider is whether you should hit or stand. In plain terms, you want to know if you should take another card or not. You can request an extra card by simply tapping the table. To stand is to hold your turn by waving your hand horizontally. 


Every Online casino has a particular room for blackjack games. The game has basic rules every player should know. In live Blackjack games, you’re going against the house, or live dealer, or ‘permanent bank’ who shuffles, deals the cards, and is responsible for handling the bets.