What is greyhound racing?

A greyhound race is a sport that takes place in greyhound tracks where greyhounds, a breed of dog with an athletic and very agile build, compete. These dogs run in pursuit of an artificial hare that motivates them to complete the circuit. The first to reach the finish line is the winner.

Where to bet on greyhounds?

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In Spain you can bet in person at the racetracks, while online you can place your bets at any bookmaker. Simply go to the “greyhound racing” section and select the one you want to bet on from those available.

Luckia greyhound betting

The Luckia bookmaker is constantly striving to improve its range of sports and events to bet on, positioning itself at the top of the market when it comes to the variety of bets to play.

In the case of greyhound racing betting, they have just expanded their market and will offer an average of 8 tracks to bet on, which will mean a total of approximately 80 races per day. This is a golden opportunity for greyhound racing experts, who will be able to choose from multiple options thanks to Luckia.

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The types of bets offered by Luckia for these races are winner, twin, reversible twin, trio and reversible trio:

The winner is simply the greyhound that finishes the race in 1st position. Twin is more complicated to predict, and consists in predicting the greyhound that will finish in 1st position and also the one that will finish in 2nd position.

Easier is the reversible twin, where you have to guess the 2 greyhounds that will finish in the first 2 positions regardless of the order.

The trio is extremely complicated but pays very well, it consists of guessing in order which dogs will finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

The reversible trio is a very interesting bet as it requires guessing which 3 dogs will finish in the first positions, regardless of the order, which means a total of 6 different combinations.