What is iApuestas?

iApuestas is a social platform specialised in sports betting and forecasts, that is to say, an online forum where we can not only consult all the information about the world of sports betting, but also the forecasts of many professional and amateur tipsters who share them with the rest of the registered users.

In this case, iApuestas is divided into 3 main sections:

Bets and Predictions: Here you will find information about the next bets in real time, the best combinations, the predictions with the best odds, the sports events broadcasts or the betting pools of the forum.


Tipsters: This section is specially dedicated to the world of tipsters. Here you will find the best picks of the platform’s tipsters, the “Apuestips” which consist of those tips on which you can bet directly in iApuestas using its own virtual currency “neteuros”, the ranking with the best tipsters of the community or information about how to predict and become an iApuestas tipster.

Bookmakers: Here you can consult all kinds of information about the different bookmakers, which payment methods they support and a complete tutorial on how to learn how to bet.

How to become a sports betting tipster at iApuestas?

iApuestas offers us the possibility of becoming tipsters on its platform. To do so, all we need to do is register as a new user, go to the sports category we are most interested in and upload our prediction with the odds of the bet.

Then a window will appear with the forecast we have made, where we must include the “stake” (amount bet) and the “tip” (the explanation of that forecast). The tip will help other users to understand the reasons for your tip.

Each published tip will be registered in the statistics of our user profile, so that we will have the possibility of moving up in the tipster category as we get better tips.

Let’s move on to the main iApuestas tipster categories, which vary according to the user’s track record and are eligible for different prizes each month.

  • Junior Tipster: Users who have published at least one tip. They can only make predictions with iApuestas’ comparative tips.
  • Senior Tipster: Users who have published at least 60 tips. They will be able to make tips with odds and types of bets in a totally free way.
  • Expert Tipster: The best tipsters of iApuestas, personally selected by the platform itself based on their experience and track record of success.
  • Guest Tipster: Includes tipsters from other platforms that collaborate with iApuestas. This is the only category that is not eligible for the monthly prizes.

What is the iApuestas Tipster League?

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The iApuestas Tipster League is the official tipster competition where users compete every month to climb up the ranking of best tipsters.

Here, participants not only gain prestige on the platform, but also numerous prizes in the form of neteuros depending on their effectiveness.

In short, this monthly ranking establishes the best iApuestas tipsters in both the tips section and the betting tips section.