The basic tactics you need to know to win at online blackjack

This game has a long list of theoretical models to learn and put into practice at the table. They consist of different ways of playing or predetermined plays depending on the situation of your hand. When it comes to applying them, you just have to know how blackjack works and never stop practising. Over time, you could become a great player. First of all, we recommend you read our guide on how to play blackjack, once you’ve read it, you can continue reading this post on the best strategies to win at blackjack!

The basic strategy

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With this simple name, a theoretical model based on probabilities is presented. It focuses on indicating which decision to make based on the cards you have. Every combination is considered and, although it doesn’t always guarantee you a win, it does help you to increase your chances of winning. Moreover, you can use it in both online and land-based casinos.

The strategy is based on several rules. The first is that the minimum number of decks used is six to eight, as it would lose accuracy if there were more or less. It assumes that the dealer stands on a soft 17, that you cannot double down after a split, that you cannot split twice on the same hand, that you cannot surrender, and that the dealer is not looking for a blackjack with a ten or more.

Stand on 17 or more

It is a strategy that focuses on caution and this is a rule that seeks to do just that. If you have a hand that adds up to 17, you are likely to bust. But there are always exceptions. The dealer might spot an ace, which could be an opportunity. However, the best way to win is to play smart and not take risks when you don’t have to.

Splitting aces

As you know, the ace is the strongest card in the game. Its value is 11 points, but if there are two of them, they add up to 12. You have to avoid this figure, as it is sub-optimal from a statistical point of view. The right choice is to split the aces. 

However, in some casinos, splitting aces only gives you one additional card, which reduces your chances of getting a ten or getting close to 21. This prevents you from re-acting to improve your remaining hands. You also can’t split if you get another ace after the original one.

Splitting eights

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This is a similar situation to the previous one. Both add up to 16, which is the worst possible hand in probabilistic terms. By splitting the eights, each gets a card, so two hands are created. This allows you to draw new cards, stand or fold to your advantage. You can also split a second or third time, giving you more options.

Not splitting a pair of tens

The pair made up of a pair of tens is too strong to split. They both add up to 20, making it difficult for any competitor to beat your hand without taking risks. So, if you find yourself in this situation, you don’t have to do anything. You have a dominant position that is difficult to overcome, but very easy to destroy if you acquire any other card.

Looking for the dealer to pass

The dealer is obliged to call a card with 16 points or less, which gives you an advantage. This is a strategy to put into action when the dealer shows a four, five or six and you have a soft hand.

All in all, these are some basic strategies to implement in your blackjack games. To master them, you just need to practice until you memorise and fully understand them. That way, you’ll improve your game while putting the odds of winning on your side.